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Great Bladder Function with Quantum Nutrition Products

Posted by HealthNewsSummary on Tuesday, March 3, 2009, In : Healthline Recordings 
Special for Today is for bladder/urinary tract:
Bladder Complex: Most closely matches the ideal cell resonance of a healthy bladder. No product has been built with this design before.
Allicidin: Often used together with the Bladder Complex. A gentle biofilm buster. promotes great health for urinary tract and bladder.
Hyssop: Very targeted immune support for the bladder.
All 3 of these products together usually make the ideal combo for maybe 8,  10 or 12 weeks to promote best health for urinary t...
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More Healthline Audios Featuring the Quantum Nutriton Products

Posted by HealthNewsSummary on Wednesday, February 18, 2009, In : Healthline Recordings 
Special Today is for hormone balance:
Multi Pollen: Sold throughout Europe under 4 different names. contains 18 different flower pollens. Mold spore removed so you won't have allergic reactions. Helps urinary tract, prostate, immune, and endocrine. Many of the nutrients contained in this item are not found in our current food. Contains 400 different bioflavinoids. No toxic tag-a-longs. Take 1 or 2 a day If you already have great health it will help you keep it. Taking a spoonful of wild honey ...
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More Healthline Recording

Posted by S. Ellison on Tuesday, January 13, 2009, In : Healthline Recordings 
Only a partial recording for today...

Someone was calling on behalf of  a person with constipation.
If person is 140lbs she needs at least 70oz of water in a cool climate and possibly a minimum of 100oz in a hot climate. The caller, however, advised the person HAS been drinking water. Antibotic use was ruled out as causing the constipation. The person in question has been having to use magnesium to get her bowels moving. The first thing to look to is an injury, a scar or trauma in the lumbar re...
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Healthline Oct. 28, 2008

Posted by S. Ellison on Tuesday, October 28, 2008, In : Healthline Recordings 
...missed a couple of minutes from the very beginning...

Today's Special:
Hormone balance products- Fem PMS, Fem Balance, Quantum Adrenal Complex, Multi Pollen 25% off

First Caller: 
Male, 6ft, problems falling asleep, gets up to pee. Also wanted to know if not Medi Body packing areas could cause problems.   

Gall Bladder Nano, coffee enema, get more bioflavinoids by taking Multi Pollen; if need more help use Bladder Complex. Immune compounds are affected when you don't get your full 5...
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To read the testimony of a true Quantum Nutrition fan, visit Toms Good Files

His story is inspiring as well as it is amazing of his journey back to health using QRA and the Quantum Nutrition Products. Also on his site, he has a section of his own archived recordings, categorized by health conditions 

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