Lets go right to the phones.
Are you there caller, and how old is your wife?
Caller: Yes Dr. Marshall she's 52.
Dr. Marshall: And how much does she weigh?
Dr. Marshall: And did she ever have this problem before?
Caller: All of her life.
Dr. Marshall: Ok, then it's probably truly a reaction to the food. First of all, you want to make sure it's truly a healthy food because many times when we get a food that is not cooked properly or is poor quality, it's normal to react to that  so you want to be sure that it's a good quality food. There's several things that you can do on the most common thing that we see is that these many reactions to food are very common in people that were not breast-fed, and that may be your wife and if that's true...
Caller: She wasn't
 Dr. Marshall: ...then what we really need to focus on rather than eliminating you know a laundry list of foods we need to focus on ecology of the gut and digestion, and so these two things can be done.  One, making sure she doesn't eat cooked food without digestive enzymes like Quantum Digest. At her body weight maybe two of those and maybe adding some QuantumZymes. because this one has peptidase and serratiopeptadise so it can break down gluten and it can really do a lot of help for the lining of the intestine which is often compromised ecologically from not being breast-fed, so we can get on these things. The end of the meal. of course, the HCl Detox Kit for her I would say two Quantumzymes than for her. I would say about three HCl, little more than normal in one activator. Now when that's being done, having her consume some probiotic here you'd want her to maybe chew two and swallow two while she's doing this. And then after about six or eight weeks. you want to see if she is just as reactive than she was before. In many cases that eliminates the problem, and we don't have to go further. There's also a possibility. some of these foods. these common foods were given to her before the digestive tract was ready and the body has programmed them to be bad. If that's the case, then you may want to take her to a QRA practitioner who can do a little work on the field and the food and will hopefully eliminate any reactivity. It's a very simple but very profound approach. okay
Caller:   All right, great, thank you.
Dr. Marshall: You can actually alter the field and that's very, very exciting, okay?
Caller: Ok thanks
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So stay tuned and learn how to care and fuel that machine and every day that we come to you. of course, we've got  a little, teaching area that we cover and some great specials for you and your family. We're going to talk mostly about your skin today; blemishes and non- cystic acne. You know way back in the nineteen fifties, now it's been quite a while ago, the Pasteur Institute in France, along with the US were trying to use their latest discoveries to see if they couldn't eliminate the issue of acne. They quickly learned that it was driven by disordered bacterial ecology. So the US went about using tetracycline and the Pasteur Institute actually tried beneficial bacteria probiotics and of course neither worked and the reason wasn't really elucidated for many many years, but basically it's a problem with the fact that these organisms that are not ideal for the bowel had dug themselves in, and protected themselves with what are now known as biofilms and these biofilms are thick, sticky, sugary sacks that can grow to the size of a hundred micrometers. Now your macrophage can't do much after about fourteen, fifteen micrometers, so these guys are really dug in for the long haul and therefore there is no simple solution. Instead, we've got to do several things. We've got to start getting good bacteria into the gut like our probiotic support. You can chew some for the upper G.I. because they're in a locust bean capsule and you can swallow some of them whole for the large intestine which is where we have most of our our problem for acne in general, and then we can start making room for the good guys by taking some Garlicidin..This is the garlic, two different forms,. The standard garlic you're used to in the store, and Bear's, Garlic, which is a very high sulfur rich garlic and the two of these have been shown to be good, gentle but effective, biofilm busters so they can break the biofilm in the gut and allow the good bacteria to take a shot at that site in the host up so that the probiotic puts the good bacteria in and the Garlicidin makes room for him. Very, very simple. And of course, you have to ask, what about the diet? What about sugar? What about. saturated fats, heated oils, fried food? These guys are not the origin, but they certainly can make things worse. And you know foods that are in a can or bottle or box are always usually preserved with something or other and those chemicals are also a challenge to the liver and to the intestine. We know also that dairy products can really make a mess with the exception of cheeses that are aged over a year or cultures like Cape Fear(?). These guys can be very helpful. but aside from that, I think they can be a pesky source of making things worse with regard to acme.. So basically we want to stay away from highly heated foods or anything cooked over two twelve ( 212 degrees Fahrenheit) so that pretty much blows off bread, wheat  because they're all very irritating to the intestines and they let the sugars create a feeding frenzy for the bad guys. So we  definitely want to shift gears here. And these simple things over a period of several months can make a night and day change. They get at the origin, not the symptom.  Also, regarding the symptom. one of the really nice creams you can get a hold of is Colostrum Repair Cream.. This can be applied topically. and yes, it does address the symptom, not the cause but it can sure make you feel little better. and of course it has human active immunoglobulins, so it's really going after anything that might be in the skin along with waste products which are often transferred to the skin because young people have stronger usually healthier livers and it just wants to dump the junk away from it. So today we'll have on special our Garlicidin and our Colostrum Cream, of course, will also be on special and is one more guy Quantumzymes. This is a very clever player.It contains enzymes,,plant -based enzymes that can break down things like gluten and other proteins that may be making the skin worse. 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