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Nano Green Tea: Green tea that has been fed to beneficial probiotic organisms that eat the tea and consume almsot all of the caffeine and the fluoride. In 1/2 a teaspoon you get the polyphenols that you get in 20 cups of green tea which is about 103 milligrams, less caffeine than you get in 1 cup of green tea and less than 1 milligram of fluoride. Green tea can help the body's pancreas, blood sugar, cholesterol, Advanced Glycation End Product (AGES), and in this form where it has been consumed by the probiotics it gets into the body faster. Contains a bit of resveratol
DNA Repair Cream: Contains Nano Green Tea. Mo minerol oil and no toxic tag-a-longs. Bacterially grown

First Caller:
Female, 55yrs old, 250lbs rare retinal eye disease

Dr. Marshall can only talk on structure and function, she would need to go to a medical doctor for specific help with any diseases. Nutritionally, she can use Invisi-veins to help the structure and function of eye area. SOD may also be useful. 

Next Caller:
Male, 45yrs old, about 200lbs, dehydration and better lung function

Make sure he is drinking enough water, about 100 ounces per day if it is not too hot. If it is hot he may need 150 ounces. Also you can support hormone balance so you can hold moisture better. Progesterone has been shown to help this. As a man close to 50 he can use 1/4 a teaspoon morning and evening for 2 months and then just in the mornings. The adrenals need to be supported by sleeping at least 5 hours a night without waking. Adrenals also need vitamin c, b6, b2 paba and coenzyme a (vitamin b5). To get the vitamin c he can eat 2 or 3 oranges or a Vitamin C Complex capsule. The b vitamins are made in the intestine so if he is digesting well he should be fine, otherwise he can supplement while he gets the digestion in order. Max Stress B would be a good supplement for that.

The Lung is a backup to the large intestine. If the food is rotting in the large intestine, the lungs will be picking up that junk. The caller does get burping when exercising. This could be a sign that the gall bladder isn't working as well as it should and that the bile from the gall bladder is not able to emulsify the fat so it goes into the large intestine where it rots or is taken back into the body as fat. 4 teaspoons of Gall Bladder Nano can help and with 16-24 oz of water sipped after breakfast. After 3 weeks of this, take 2 coffee enemas a week for 13 weeks. It took Dr. Marshall 55 coffee enemas before he got great results.    

Next Caller:
Male, 53yrs old, 160lbs, wants healthy heart rhythm

The caller is from Los Angeles where the air is very dirty. The way the body detoxifies airomatic petrochemicals is by using sulfur based amino acids such as kidney beans, pinto beans, black beans, and buckwheat. Many people don't eat these because of intestinal gas so they don't have the ability to do the detoxification necessary. An air purifier can help. Eating buckwheat can help if beans give you gas. Sulfur based foods make taurine and taurine along with magnesium  regulates the heart rhythm. The next thing to work on is the digestion. The rotting food that is being absorbed is increasing the loss of sulfur based amino acids. Magnesium has been shown to be held in the blood by having good levels of adrenilin. If you don't have enough adrenlin than you excrete the magesium. The things that can exhaust the adrenals are: not sleeping 5 hours at night without waking; not enough salt; not enough water; lack of vitamin c; and lack of b vitamins. Correcting these areas should produce the healthiest heart rhythm. Buckwheat cereal is often not nutrient dense so best to buy whole buckwheat and cook it.   

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