Today's Special are tonics:
Amla Royale - an ancient Indian tonic. Contains many Ayurvedic herbs of the best quality that are produced in India. Produced and processed in accord with the the ancient Ayurvedic tradition and takes many months to produce one batch.
Known as Chyavanprash in India. No artifical flavors, preservatives or additives. Made with Ghee but no other animal products.

Gold 360 -This is half Amla and half an ancient Korean tonic.This product uses velvet deer antler but the deer is not killed to produce the product but comes from normal shedding. Both products support all the normal gland systems and mordians of the body. Rich in whole vitamin C complex. A key rejuvenator used in SouthEast Asia. Good taste, but if the taste is too strong, dilute it with warm water. 

First Caller:
Male, 58yrs old, fingernail fungus on left hand

Need to medibody pack the interference field as just putting something 'on' the fingernail is not the best remedy.
White sugar, flour, dried fruit and other sugars feed fungus so you should reduce the sugar intake.The fungi are always present on the fingers/toes so unless you can get to the root of the problem, you will only get temporary relief.

 Next Caller:
Male, 28yrs old, 235lbs, pain when doing situps

Caller will be visiting a doctor to see if he can get to the root of the problem, which Dr. Marshall approved of.
The extra weight caller has gained may be adding to the problem. Dr. Marshall recommends the body typing chart so he can eat in a way to get back to his normal weight.
Calller also has a pain in belly button. Once he gets reviewed by his doctor, he is to call back to get more nutritional input.

Next Caller:
Female, 27yrs old, 220lbs, Hormone balance and healthy blood sugar concern

Caller has used birth control for 2 years. This can cause a Vitamin B6 deficiency. Max Stress B will help this.
Blood sugar can be linked to the birth control pills as well. Heart Nano Detox can help blood sugar.
Caller had bulimia in younger years which may have scared the lining of the stomach, hampering the production of HCL.
Caller needs to take the HCL Detox at the end of each meal. If there is a scar or trauma that is blocking the energy flow  she will need stomach complex as well. Adaptogen may be needed to support healthy hormone balance. 
Next Caller:
Male, 45 yrs old, question on the raw food diet 

Dr. Marshall wouldn't recommend vegetarianism due to the lack of nutrients in our foods. Potentially, caller should eat complete protein 3 times a week. Studies have shown that if we elect to eat cooked food without digestive support we surrender something like 1800 methyl groups, when we eat raw, we lose about 1200 - this study suggests we lose half of our life span by eating cooked food. Dr. Marshall's plan for the listeners is to teach home growing of food on patios or even inside the house so we can have food like the early 1900's - vegetarianism could then be a reality.
Caller asked if he would recommend a protein bar. Dr. Marshall says it is always best to get whole food that is freshly prepared.

Healthline Audio Recording from Dr. Bob Marshall