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Someone was calling on behalf of  a person with constipation.
If person is 140lbs she needs at least 70oz of water in a cool climate and possibly a minimum of 100oz in a hot climate. The caller, however, advised the person HAS been drinking water. Antibotic use was ruled out as causing the constipation. The person in question has been having to use magnesium to get her bowels moving. The first thing to look to is an injury, a scar or trauma in the lumbar region. The person has not had any children so that's not the problem. She has had her appendics out but that probably is not the problem either - an injury to the low back, tailbone or spine would be more of a likely cause or an intestinal bug. A QRA practitioner is recommended. In the meantime, a fiber aid can help, such as Galactin. Galactin ferments into the food that is needed by the intestine - buturate. This also promotes the best immune repsone to the cell, and holds water which stops really hard bowel movements. She needs to get to a QRA person soon as cooked food rotting in the colon produces malondealdehyde and other heterocyclic amines which increase exponentialy with the length of time fecal matter remains in the intestine.

QRA practitioners in Austin Tx are located at the Premiere Center Clinic - Dr. Brisley and Dr. Moore 512-218-2537

The special for today is for the bladder:
Bladder Complex: Most closely matches the ideal cell resonance for healthy bladder
Allicidin: Gently breaks biofilms that might be in the area
Hyssop: Targeted immune support for the bladder
Eight to tweleve weeks of usage is good and then you can switch over to Multi-Pollen to maintain the good bioflavenoids that are elusive and not readily available in the modern diet.

Next Caller:
Sister has sciatic pain and joint pain, 64yrs old, 156lbs

If the sciatic pain is on the left side, it might be a salt deficiency, if it's on the right side it might be the real thing. The sacrum and the back may be the cause from having had a fall and producing an interference field. First she can work on the problem nutritionally. Get an air dried sea salt. The next step is to make sure she is having good healthy bile flow. Many times the tendons and connective tissues, the sinews, can become tight as a result of either a kidney or gall bladder issue. If Kidney is the problem we will be looking for a tailbone or low back injury. If she had an episiotomy or tore rectally to vaginally this could be creating the problem. If it's the gall bladder she will have warnings signs such as belching or burping and not feeling good after high fat foods. The caller advised that her sister also has severe joint pain and pain in her legs and buttocks and swelling in the legs. Since it's legs and no where else, that's the sign it is the kidneys. She needs to visit a QRA person.  

Next Caller:
Female, 73 yrs old, 193lbs, leaky bladder

3 of each of the items on special today, per meal, would be good for the leaky bladder. For healthy kidney function, we need to rule out interference fields. Caller tore vaginally to rectally in child birth with no repair. Nutritionally, she should have 3 kidney complexes per meal and medibody pack the hands and feet and then the episiotomy. Caller has other scars so she will need to start by mud packing the leg and work her way up so she makes an open circuit between the feet and episiotomy scar. The order line can talk her through the process. This will erase the scar traumas so she will not have to be on kidney complex forever. Caller has problems with digestion. Start each meal with 2 quantum digest. This will give her the pancreatic enzyme support and it is the world's only souce of plant based pepsin which is the catalyst that makes the hcl work in the gut. At the end of the meal start off by taking 2 HCL and 1 activator. If it bothers her stomach, take Stomach Complex as a tea which will help make the stomach meridian strong. If you DO have to take the complex, this means there is a scar somewhere from the forehead to the pubic bone that is sedating the stomach. The caller says she is a worrier. This is because she is starving to death - not getting her nutrients from her food. For a calming effect she can get on some sulfer based amino acids. As her digestion improves she can start eating kidney beans, pinto beans, and black beans. Right now she can start eating buckwheat, the only the sulfhydro grain. Sleeping 5 straight hours at night will help and cause an increase in adrenalin which will allow her to hold magnesium and calm her down. Maglycin 8 (sp?), 2 or 3 per meals and 2 or 3 before bedtime to hold the magesium level in the blood better to help calm her down. The caller takes blood pressure pills but these recommendations should not interfere with that. She can get the book "Worst Pills Best Pills II" by Dr.Sidney Wolfe. This will tell her which medications are safe and which aren't.        

Healthline Recording Jan 13 2009
Healthline Recording part 2 Jan 13 2009