Today's Special is Super Foods:
Food from 100 years ago had strong energy fields. Today's foods show very weak. 53% of America is chronically ill, but 100 yrs ago it was only 5%. We rank 47th in survival among major countries.
Greens Mix Powder:Grown in South America with no pesticides or heavy metals, very nutrient dense. No toxic tag a longs. A great way to get minerals and all your nutrition.
Tomato Concentrate: Lots of potassium and lycopene. Great to add to your pantry items to boost the nutrient content of other foods.
Tocotriene Complex: Stabalized rice brace, fructooligosaccharides (FOS), great delvery system for broad spectrum of nutrition for better athletic performance and strength. Stabalized rice bran, protein and FOS. Its in chunks and will stay fresher longer. Tastes good. Can add it to your breakfast meal.
Lecithin powder. Great source of phosphatidyls
Medi Aminos- Bean, Grain or Rice. It's raw food that's easy to digest, can be eaten late at night when you shouldnt be eating so you wont gain weight at the tomach. Let it site 4 or 5 minutes before eating it.
Whey Protein Powder:Low temperateur processed. Contains glycomicropeptides.  No pesticides
Galactan: Fiber aid. promotes healthy immune response in intestine; holds moisture in the intestine. Gives complete bowel movements.

First Caller:
female, 39 yrs old, 138-142lbs, wants healthy breasts

Do not wear underwire bras which can block healthy lymph drainage. Next, you need to have a healthy 1st morning urine Ph. Get the level into the green which is 6.4-7.0. This will show you have good minerals. Nexst, ensure you're making healthy hydrochloric acid so that you are not putting calcum into the breast. At her age, 1 teaspoon of air dried sea salt which the body will use to make hydrochloric acid. If she sees placque on her teeth, then she needs more help so she will need HCL detox kit. She should double the dose of the HCL until there is no more placque. This will produce healthy tissue throughout the whole body. She can take 1 quantum digest at the start of the meal. Vitamin E is good for Breasts. Take Tocotriene complex, a couple of tablespooons and also vitamin E Complete.

Caller wanted to know about not having breastfed her 10yr old. Dr. Marshall says many times things will be ok but if she were to test the vaccination sopt it would show weak. She can erase the interference field that has been produced. Give him, for 1 year, 1/2 teaspon to 1 teaspoon of colostrum powder. If the intestine can get fully developed then he can grow better/ develop better.  She should go to to find out more vaccination info.

Next Caller:
female, 45yrs old, 138lbs, blood in urine and back pain

She hasn't fallen or received a blow so she should see a medical doctor to find out what is wrong, it's not a nutrition area.

Next Caller:
male, question about his daughter who is 26 yrs old, woke up with bug bits on arm and eye.

Check the bed and make sure nothing is going on there. Spiders, coackroaches are negative energy critters so you can change the energy environment and you wont find these kinds of bugs. It may be too minor of a problem to spend money on. The bites should go away by themselves.   

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