Today's Special is for Eye Health:
Eye Complex: Most closely matches the cell resonance of the eyeball itself. Contains 9500 micrograms of Xeazanthin and Lutein.
Superoxide Dismutase: Retina attachment health is related to the health of the liver and the production of SOD-superoxide dismutase    

First Caller:
Female, 47yrs old, 135lbs, wants healthy eyes

The lens, retina, and macula are sensitive to bone metabolism. If bone metabolism is not right, the body breaks down the bones to buffer the blood. This breakdown produces a form of calcium that is hard to remove quckly called MCH -
microcrystalline hydroxyapatite. Check the Ph. The first morning urine should be 6.4 to 7.0. Ph Trio with the aloe drink can help the Ph. The caller wants to know if this will help with hereditary eye problems. A QRA practitioner can test each eye to see if caller is depositing calcium in the eye. The kidney and parathyroid may also come into play. Getting the right quantity of minerals is important for eyes as well as uterus. Each tenth of a ph that you move your morning urine ph back into the normal range is a ten-fold increase in tissue oxygen. Caller also says right kidney is a bit enlarged. Caller should take Kidney Complex and Nano Green Tea for parathryoid. Eye Complex and SOD should help her eyes.

Next Caller:
Female, 280lbs 53yrs old, vegetarian  

Rotting food can compromise the immune system of the body. If you don't want to take digestive aids, you can take fermented foods. The caller has a nasally sound to her voice which Dr. Marshall says could be coming from a bad tooth. 
Getting on a Kapha diet will help people who are heavier and larger boned. It can be harder to get B-12 and other nutrients as a vegetarian. Shitake mushrooms (not portobellos which are poorly grown), or Maitake mushrooms would be important for her to eat. Max Stress B would help with B vitamins. 

For her digestion, Quantum Digest and HCL Detox Kit will help. If she has problems with these, she will need to use stomach complex as a tea until she can get to a QRA practitioner to find out where she has had scar/trauma somewhere which is hindering healthy stomach energy flow.

Next Caller:
Male, 42yrs old, 175-177lbs, problems with right foot at the arch

Possibly problem with tailbone/sacrum or right kidney since this problem is in the arch. Medibody pack the foot. The caller is not sure if he has silver fillings in the mouth. This will determine which liquid he uses with the medibody pack.
If there was no injury, this could just be waste problems in the right kidney. May need Kidney Complex if he still has problems after the mudpack.

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