Special for today is EMF Protection:
Computer, cell phone, and tv protector: Don't impede the operation of the device but will alter the effect the device have on your biofield
Hemapro:Use it outside the home/office to give a good biofield for the house
Melatonin Nanoplex:1st probiotic generated live source melatonin, a key anti-aging player; maintains healthy sexual function, helps sleep cycle and immunity. Protects from EMF stress. Helps overcome jetlag. 1 drop give you 3 miligrams..2 drops are like 150 servings.

First Caller:
female, 30yrs old, 96lbs, wants healthy skin and how to eat before she gets pregnant.

Hydrogenated oils/trans fatty acids have been a major factor in increasing skin problems to 80%, Sunlight can be beneficial to the skin and is a good vitamin D delivery system. 

White flour and white sugar are 'make believe' food which makes 'make believe' health. Don't eat them. THe most common nutrition taht's missing is minerals, Greens Mix is good for this. Good oils are also necessary. Super Nutrient Trio contains the minerals and the oils. Antioxidants also need to be considered as they have been reduced 50% in our diets. If you are malnourished during preganancy, you will age quickly. DHLA,  Nano Green tea and Max Stress B should be consumed. There is 1/20th of an ouce of alcohol in this mixture so it shouldn't compromise a pregnancy but you can stop it once you actually get pregnant. WIld Pollen is bee pollen that comes from the border of Alaska and Canada -no pesticides. The bees are so tough that they can survive at 55 below zero temperatures. It's the cleanest pollen Dr. Marshall has found. Mix the pollen with honey,  60% honey, 40% pollen, mix it in warm water until it dissolves. This single thing can make a huge difference in the function of the liver which is important during a pregnancy. Russian deli's have kefir which is like yogurt and will produce the best bacteria ecology. Fermented foods and juicing carrots and celery can help too. She should check her Ph and force it into the 6.4-7.0 zone. All of these things will help the pregnancy and breast feeding which should be from 12months to 18 months.

Next Caller:
female, breast health

She has something on the breast for which she will need to see a medical doctor. Do not wear underwire bras which can impede lymnphatic flow. See if there are any scars or traumas that are impeding the energy. May need to see a QRA practitioner.

Next Caller:
female, her friend needs nutrition for twin babies

The caller's friend only breast feeds half the time and uses formula the rest of the time. Formula in the US is the laughing stock of Europe. The caller's friend's children may have health problems if she doesnt breast feed. If food is given to the child before colon is mature many bad things can get started in the bowel. Make the food fresh each day for the child - fresh carrot and celery juice give more calcium than milk; fermented faw foods, which require no digestion are good to use. These things are a lot of work so it really is easier to breast feed. Lack of water and bad nutrition can make a woman not want to breast feed. Shriviling breasts only come from malnourished body as well. ThinkTwice.com has info on vaccinations which the mother will need to seriously think twice about if her children have this inferior nutrition.   

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