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CoQ Quinol:Only producer of CoQ10 that uses beneficial probiotic organisms. Very quickly absorbed. Gives immune, heart, brain and anti aging support.

First Caller:
female, 55yrs old, 254lbs, acid reflux questions

Acid reflux is telling us that we can not produce enough of our own hydrochloric acid to digest the food. The burning we feel is from lactic acid. She should start her main meals with 3 quantum digest and at the end of the meal 6 HCL and 3 Activator. if there are any problems taking the HCL, that means there is a scar or trauma on the front of the body somewhere from the head to the pubic area that is sedating the energy flow to the stomach.If that's the case, she will need to use Stomach Complex.

Caller is also having constipation from some of her medications. She will need to use Galactan to remedy this and which will produce nice complete, clean, eliminations.

The heart is a big user of CoQ10. WHen coq10 levels go low, it will need the fully reduced CoQ10. CoQ-Quinol may help her produce stronger heart function. Low stomach acid can allow certain things to get from the food to the heart. Heart Nano is made from an old time proven formula fed to probiotic organisms.
Next Caller:
female, 59yrs old, 140lbs, wants the best memory, has burning on left shin

The burning shin started 10 years ago and has a bit of vericosity. Invisi-Vein can give better tone to the veins/arteries. The US has lost 80% of its mineral content in its topsoil. The actual nutrient content of food has declined astronomically. To get the vitamin A content of 1 peach from 1950 it would take 53 peaches today. To sharpen her memory, it's not going to be helped by food. The Spainards have used diosmin and hesperidin for a long time which have been show to give strength to arteries and veins. Take 2 Invisi-Vein at breakfast for 2 months, then take 1 at breakfast thereafter. Getting good digestion will also help her. The better digestion will help the weight at her stomach and lessen dental placque, less sleep also.

For better memory, Brain Complex has all the latest, greatest  nutrients that have been shown to help the nerve and to promote the best health in the brain. It most closely matches the ideal cell resonance of a healthy brain. She should take 2 per mail for about 2 to 3 months. For maintenance, she could take 1 a day. Also as part of her maintenance she should be checking her Ph which she is already doing. If the caller eats only grain at night, her Ph often will show acid. Dr. Marshall says that it is her digestion, not the grain. Because of being in a smoggy area, she needs to have more sulfur based foods for detoxification. Kidney,pinto, and black beans contain sulfur as well as buckwheat. The caller makes pancakes from buckwheat and enjoys them as well as not feeling tired after eating them which Dr. Marshall says is because they don't contain a lot of toxins.

Next Caller:
female, her son has headaches

Dr. Marshall says he should eliminate dairy products because very few people can tolerate lactoses. Next she should see how much salt he is getting. He should have 1 to 2 teaspoons of air dried sea salt. If he doesn't have enough salt, he won't be able to produce adequate HCl and will have a tendency to start producing mucus because of being unable to digest his food well.

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