Dr. Marshall's Monologue:
Experience 21st Century nutrition. Nut just multi vitamin from coal tar derivitive resins and some dead mineral from a mine somewhere but cell resonant nutrition that can most rapidly help the body to achieve the ideal cell resonance for best health. That's only half of 21st centry nutrition. The other half is that for the first time we know that we are controlled by an all powerful bio field, a quantum energy biofield.

 To give you an idea of how powerful that little field is that constitutes your very essence; communication in the field is twice the speed of light. For those of you that recall the prognostications of Albert Einstein, he said nothing could travel faster than the spped of light. Well Albert was wrong. Inside that quantum energy field, communication has been proven to be twice the speed of light.We can now manipulate that field.
 That's the 2nd and most important part of  21st century nutrition. What's so amazing is the Ancients used to use mud at wounds and sites and scars. We considered this to be very foolish. We have now learned that that IS one of the primary ways to restore the healthy energy flow. And we now know the ancients new that. They must have had quite a teacher from somewhere. We are also learning that the  muds they used are a biochemcial marvel. They are known as
"maximum cat ion-exchange compounds". Translated to English - nothing on this planet can outdo those muds in removing heavy metals - or other 'cat ions' (cation). That's 21st Century Nutrition.

Special for the day is for immune upregulating:
Nucleotides: Called the "onset" in Europe. A fundamental building block of every cell. It takes 6 billion nucleotides to make 1 cell. When you have an immune battle, you need to be resupplied. Those that are breast fed have more nucleotide reserves. Those that are not breast fed witll talke a long time if you are short on reserves. Can help the body strengthen itselfe. A key player for rapid cellular rejuvenation, increased vitality, healthy immune response, and DNA upregulation since it is such a fundamental building block in the body. Promotes new skin cell growth and rejuvenation, nutralization of internal toxins, supports normal T-cell manufacture.

Colostrum: Capsules or Powder. Contains about 25% human active immunoglobulins: IGG and IGA. The first line of defense on the intestinal lining. Reliable immune support for the entire family. Not defatted because you may compromise the intercellular transport. Low temperature air dried so there is no damage to the molecular structure. A minimum of 21% immunoglobulin. Contains the 8th and most difficult sugar for the body to get; the elusive N-acetylneuraminic acid. The richest live source of MSM. Contains lacto ferrin whch helps promote healthy oxygen transport in the blood. Contains other immunoglobulins like IGM, lacto ferrin, prolean rich poly peptides, glyco proteins, interferon, oligiosaccharides, various enzymes that are critical etc.

First Caller:
male, calling for his wife, 50yrs old, 200lbs, who wants to have the best connective tissue health

When connective tissues are stiff or tight, it is one of the crossover areas in the body in terms of control. Part of the control is under the kidney and the other part is under the liver. The liver may be getting toxic from not doing the best job of digesting the food. If the digestion is not working so good, the incompletely digested food will be dumpled in the liver. The liver has to do something with it so it may dump some of it in the connective tissues, tendons. She should take 2 Quantum Digest at the start of the meal giving plenty pancreatic support. At the end of the meal for her body weight and age, she will need 5 HCL and 2 activator. This should hopefully stop the rotting food going into the liver.

 Now, we should support a healthy liver so she needs Reishi. Reishi can be sidetracked and used to balance the Ph rather than support the liver so she needs to get control of her first morning Ph. Get Ph trio with the aloe drink. Start with 1/2 teaspoon of coral, mix it with 1 ounce of water and 1 ounce of aloe. Every 3 days she will increase the coral until she gets the ideal Ph, every other day she will increase the aloe and the water. If it takes 3 or 4 teaspoons to get her to the ideal Ph, then there is some other problem in the body like a bad tooth. If she can't find the problem, she will need a QRA practitioner.
The liver is the most common player when there is tightness of tendons and connective tissue but you can also have this problem in the legs and such areas when there is kidney weakness so she will need to support the kidneys. She has had an episiotomy so that scar reflexes to the kidneys which may be an inteference field. Start with 2 or 3 Kidney Complexes per meal and see if she gets better health for the connective tissues. She should probably see a QRA practitioner.

Caller also wanted to know what to do for his 18 year old basketball playing son to keep him strong and well. Dr. Marshall says that everyday he should have Greens Mix and Tocotriene Complex. At breakfast, he can have a drink with Slim Body Whey, with some extra Quantum Whey,  Galactin, and Lecithin. The Tocotriene and Greens Mix can go in there as well. Can add Colostrum to this mixture as well. He can add bananas, blueberries or apple into the drink and blend it all together. These superfoods contain nutrients that are woefully deficient in American food.   

Next Caller:
female, 71 yrs old, 150lbs , 4' 10", wants better immune system

The best thing to do to give the best immune response after age 50 is to make sure we are digesting our food. Promoting better digestion may also promote a healthier weight for her as well. She should take 2 Quantum digest at the start of the meal. The better digestion will help with the sinus and frog in her throat as well. She will need to take 4 HCL and 2 activator at end of meal. These are only for the main meals. She can go to her local QRA person to help the energy flow in her body. To promote strength even faster, she can take Nucleotides, 3 at breakfast and dinner. Caller wanted to know if she needed more Vitamin C. Dr. Marshall says they best way to get it is by fresh fruit or if necessary it may be cheaper to use a supplement. Ascorbic acid is not really Vitamin C. Vitamin C cures scurvey and Ascorbic acid can not do that. Dr. Marshall's Vitamin C Complex contains ascorbic acid but also the bioflavenoids and all the other synergists critical to allow the ascorbic acid to do its job. The key for her though will probably be the Nucleotides and the digestion.

Next Caller:    
male, 31 yrs old, wants to promote better growth hormone production

A number of products claim to do this. They are called secretogogues. They have been shown to be helpful. Dr. Marshall's secretogogue has Lysine added to it to help vegetarians. Adaptogen, 3 at breakfast regardless of body size, will probably be better for him. Caller wanted to know about 'Black Seed'. Dr. Marshall says there are many benefits to it. It is in a number of Dr. Marshall's products in small amounts though since it is a synergist. It can help urinary tract and the lungs. Dr. Marshall suggests he shouldn't eat cooked foods  without taking digestive support so he can hold on to great digestion throughout his life. The digestive kit will give him HCL so he doesn't wear out his stomach's ability to produce it. The digestive kit also gives him live source potassium which helps take methyl groups of HCl back to the cells to promote remethylation. This slows aging.

Next, he should get on the Super Nutrient Tri which contains Coral, EFA Oil Blend and Greens Mix. This brings the food back to par. To get the antioxidants back to par, he should use DHLA, about 1 teaspoon of that a day, Max Stress B at 1 teaspoon a day, and  1 teaspoon of Super Nano Green Tea. If funds permit, he can get Wild Pollen and mix it with honey at 60% honey to 40% pollen. Take 1 teaspoon of this mixture in warm water -this helps the liver.  He should also find his scars and traumas and medibody pack them. Caller wants to know when he will see results. Dr. Marshall says he should see changes in a few weeks since he is fairly young. Max Stress B is the only source on the planet that contains CoEnzyme A. CoEnzyme A is used along with DHLA  to make ATP which is the super energy player at the cell. Adaptogen up regulates or promotes anything that is weak and down regulates anything  that is too high-it is an adaptogen; it brings everythng to ideal and is a stress antidote for American living.

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