The radio station that I record from seems to be having problems. The Bob Marshall program was not offered from the very beginning and then it was cut off near what seemed to be near the end of the 2nd caller. I may need to start recording from another station soon.
Today's Special:
Gall Bladder Nano, Gall Bladder Complex 

First Caller:
Female, 76yrs, 95lbs. Question about flaky, dry skin. Thinks it may have something to do with thyroid

Recommendation :
Needs to be able to digest her cooked food. Take Quantum Digest at the start of the meal and then at the end of the meal HCL Detox kit. The thyroid collects minerals=like iodine, but it can also collect toxins. This may be what's happening or the thyroid could be having a problem due to lack of progesteron. During menipause or even perimenipause in a woman's 40's, progesteron can drop to less than 1% but estrogen will only drop 35, maximum of 50%. She may have too high of a thyroid output but a QRA practitioner will need to check her out. The caller gave more info by saying the TSH was high which is the throid stimulating  hormone. This says the pituitary is making this occur to try to get the thyroid moving. A QRA practitioner needs to check it out.

Next Caller:
Female, 76yrs old, 124lbs, wants healthy eyes, particularly in one eye.

Start with getting digestion right with Quantum Digest. Next, get best calcium metabolism around the eye. Get PH paper and ph Trio with the aloe drink (not the powder - it's too sweet). You are shooting for a green display 6.4-7.0. As you begin taking the Trio, it will turn yellow, down to 5. this will show that you are severly mineral deficient. The body needs calcium, magnesium, and trace elements to buffer the blood. As a day goes on, you go acid by function, the waste products build in the blood, and the body buffers the blood and other organs by recruitng the minerals. When you are not digesting the food well, it has to go to the bones and decompose them. The excess minerals that have been broken down are placed in eyes, bones, etc. Using the coral and aloe until you get to the right level of 6.4-7.0 will help this. If after several days the ph isn't at the correct level, there may be other problems that a QRA specialist will need to search out.  

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