Once again there were problems with the station that I record from; I only got a portion of the show and there were a couple of times that the station blanked out during the begining of the show. 
Today's Special:
Slim Body Whey, Wild Pollen

First Caller:

And something on her earlobe


If it's on the earlobe itself, it is a mapping of the body according to Chinese medicine. The ear is like a curled up fetus. Imagine it unfurled and it will point out the spot where something is going on. A QRA specialist can help if you can't tell.
The caller has a possible appendectomy scar which could be reflexing. The callers eyes are not as good either after doing her coffee enemas, both closeup as well as far away vision. Eye Complex may help. A QRA practitioner can help find the cause of this. 

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