a portion of  Dr. Marshall talking about the 'special of the day' is missing. Also, I believe this is a repeat broadcast from a previous month.

Today's Specials:
DHA: Governer Vessel 20, according to accupuncture, monitors every cell in the body. This is a point on the top of your head. This site and the brain needs.docosahexaenoic acid to maintain brain health, growth and function. The body can manufacture DHA from omega 3 fatty acids that come from cold weather plants and animals like Cod Liver oil and microalgae which is the simplest and cleanest source. A critical nutrient. Hydrogenated oils can hinder the ability to manufacture DHA, so if you ingest the DHA the body will choose the good oil over the bad. This is bottled in a violight bottle as light can make a product go rancid quicker than air. 

BlueGreen Power
: Premiere super food for the brain. 98% assimiable. Low temperature; air dried;  60% protein. Raw food so no digestion needed.

Brain Complex
: Matches the  closest cell resonance of a heathy brain. Contains Monkey Head Mushroom known as Hericium, Asian Cordyceps, Mitake, Periwinkle which contains venposateat(sp), Gingko Biloba and many others inluding phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylinositol and phosphatidylethanolamine 

First Caller:
Female, question on baby formulas for a friend who can't breast feed

Mother's milk is best.  To increase breast milk and the quality of breast milk, use Nutritional Yeast Flakes which are 52% protein. The caller's friend is adopting the child. A medical doctor could stimulate the woman's pituitary so that she can start lactating which would be a great thing. La Leche should be contacted to help with breast feeding questions.

Next Caller:
Female, 128lbs, questions on brain function

You have to be able to digest food to get your nutrients. Start taking Quantum Digest.
When you don't digest food well, you are lacking in B Vitamins. Start taking Max Stress B
Start on Brain Complex and also DHLA. Sip on the DHLA throughout the day.
If this still doesn't help, visit a QRA practitioner to see if there are any other problems preventing brain health.

Next Caller:
Female, 49yrs old, 140lbs aprox., belching problems

The belching indicates gall bladder problems. Gall Bladder Nano Detox is needed. Whne you have to keep clearing your throat it is from the mucus. Caller can't digest the pills so needs to open the capsules. Dr. Marshall recommends to pour the capsules into something stick like honey so they don't start digesting in the mouth and swallow the honey/capsule combo with cool water. Unheated honey like Dr Marshall's White Gold Honey. Sulfur products will calm the nerves when the belching comes from that. Beans are a great source if you can digest them, if not, buckwheat contains sulfur.

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