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Today's Special:
Hormone balance products- Fem PMS, Fem Balance, Quantum Adrenal Complex, Multi Pollen 25% off

First Caller: 
Male, 6ft, problems falling asleep, gets up to pee. Also wanted to know if not Medi Body packing areas could cause problems.   

Gall Bladder Nano, coffee enema, get more bioflavinoids by taking Multi Pollen; if need more help use Bladder Complex. Immune compounds are affected when you don't get your full 5 hours of sleep. 
Max Stress B will help the Adrenals.Adrenaline holds magnesium in the blood. May need to Medi Body pack each main area of the body in turn to find out the interference areas when you can't find your vaccination scars.
Next Caller
Female, 56yrs old, 139lbs, also what is needed to calm nerves 

Use Fem Balance, Gall Bladder Nano Detox which will help the liver function better, then, coffee enema. Once liver begins to function better then you can come off Fem Balance. Magnesium is held in the blood by adrenaline so need to take magnesium glyconate 2 per meal. At the same time work on Adrenals - you need at least 5hrs of straight sleep and air dried sea salt. To get a straight 5 hours of sleep which seems in this instance to be caused by digestion, use quantum digest, HCL and activator. The 5 hours of sleep will make adrenals work better and give you a calmer personality. Sulfer will make compounds that relax you. Find a source of sulfer that doesnt product intestinal gas-buckwheat is an excellant source for this. Combine it with pink salt, ghee, nutrional yeast and it tastes great. The B Vitamins are helpful to adrenals so the Max Stress B the she's taking can also help.     

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