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For Genital/Urinary Tract health: Quantum RX Prostate Complex, Testosterone Complex, Multi-Pollen. Buy 1 get 2nd at 50% off (25% off each)

First Caller:
53 yr old male, 215lbs, wants better urinary health and better kidneys/liver

Prostate Complex, Multi-Pollen. Possible low back or tail bone injury could produce kidney problems. recommended seeing a QRA and Kidney complex. For the liver, do a 16 week program of Gall Bladder Nano and 2 coffee enemas a week after the nano. Quantum Digest to ensure food can be digested along with HCL and Activator. Heart Nano Detox for Pancreas
Next Caller:
Air Flight Attendant recommends Melatonin. Used Pink Salt for the bumps on little girls' head.  

Next Caller:
58 yr old male, 170lbs, having bone problems and hair loss.

This could be caused by digestion problems. If there is plaque on teeth or receding gum line this could be problem. HCL Detox, HCL and Activator, Quantum Digest will give key enzymes. Support the bones by supporting Kidney and Parathyroid - Kidney Complex and Nano Green Tea will help. Use PH paper and PH Trio to see how the morning urine looks. Coral and Aloe will help if urine is not correct PH. Transition to Bone & Joint Complex. Medibody Pack may be necessary of lower body injuries. Hair loss is often linked to Kidney/Adrenal and Digestion. Testosteron complex will support the body in making ideal amounts of testosterone which will activate the lean muscle enzyme system and will help the body stop producing wrong type of testosterone.      

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