Special for today is the SuperFoods:
Greens Mix Powder: One of the premiere products on the planet. Delivers so many nutrients not available in SAD diet. Contains young hybrid grasses that are low temperature air dried. Best available. Pesticide free. One of the super nutrient ingredients
Tomatoe Concentrate: Loaded with and a great delivery system for potassium and lycophene. Can be used late in the evening if you want sonmeting to eat without gaining weight. This is raw.
Toactree Complex: Toctryenols wihich is stabilized rice bran. amazinge nutriti pwoerhouse,
Vitamin E, 6000 times greater antioxidant activity than Vit E. Increase healthy bacteria of the colon 5 fold.
Lecithin Powder: Emulsifier. If you've lost your gall bladder,
loaded wih Choline which is good for the kidneys.
Whey Protein: produced by ultra filtration so the delicate     are not damaged. Not highly heated. Doesn't become a burden tothe kidneys.
Galactin: Ferments to buturate, the food for the intestines, helps to hold more moisture in the bowel. A great sense of completeness. Immune boosting as well

First Caller:
Female, 53 yrs old, 280lbs,  wants best circulation

Our diet is deficient in bioflavinoids which help the tone and  of the. Invisivein is extraced from Blood Oranges. 2 at breakfast for 1 month and then 1 for each month thereafter. If your red cells stick together they create a greater burden 
Max Stress B     
To reduce the body weight, she needs Quantum Digest. 

Next Caller:
Female, 150lbs,  used emergency contraceptive and now having problems

For full body detox, make sure the kidneys are strong and the liver is able to do it's detox function. You can take
Reishi Complex Ganodermaluciden. Use the straight powder, about 10 per meal for 2 weeks.

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