Special for the day: CoQ-Quinol
This Coq10 is fully reduced, live source and probiotic generated. Mix the product in water in sip it. 

First Caller:
Question on Kidney and the Heart, male, 77yrs old,130lbs

Inadequate ability to product CoQ-10 

4teaspons of CoQ Quinol,
For healthy kidneys,

Next Caller:
Queston on mother who has diarreha, Female, 94yrs old, 125lbs

See waht is in the diet. may be something she is reacting to. Already taking 1 to 2 or 2 to 4 
She is on Colostrum and some kefir. Dr. Marshall recommends 4 HCL and 
4 Probiotic - 2 to chew and 2 to swallow
Up regulate the bulk    Use 2 tablespoons of Galactin.
Use something to soothe the intestine. Coral with the Aloe drink should be soothing. Use 1 or 2 oz of the Aloe
It would seem to be an irritation of the bowel. Start using propolis which is
She may have some type of bug. Caller advised he is doing a stool test but not sure of the type. Dr. Marshall recommends a DNA test on the stool because most other tests have a difficult time testing for problems.
The hemorroidal ring

Next Caller:
Female, 70 yrs old, 130lbs, wants healhy lungs.

Lungs are the backup to the alreg intestines. Not digesting the food well can affect lungs. 2 quantum digests with the meal, 
Allicidin is a bio film buster. Bio film are sugary sacks that can form on the intestines and lung.

Next Caller:
Female, 27, losses appetite easily from stress,