Monday, Oct. 27, 08

Todays Special is for Brain Health..lots of good info on what it takes for a healthy brain.
Quantum DHA, Blue Green Algae, Brain Complex 

First Caller:
Question about baby formulas and a mom who can't produce milk

prepare the mom to make the best breast milk. Nutritional yeast can make great breast milk. Use a wet nurse if can't breastfeed or if adopting. You can also get shots to stimulate pituitary for production of breast milk. Contact La Leche for more help.

Next Caller:
79 year old female, weighs 128lbs, wants better brain function

Digestion is first thing that starts slowing down and you are being malnourished when not getting the nutrients from your food. Needs to get on Quantum Digest, HCL and Activator. B Vitamins are lessened when digestion doesn't work. Start on B's. Also start Brain Complex and DHLA  

Next Caller:
49 yr old female, about 140lbs, severe belching, difficulty sleeping because of it

belching means gall bladder disfunction. Use gall bladder nano detox. Also HCL Detox & Activator. If you have to open the Digest pills, place the powder in some honey and swallow with cold water. Also use buckwheat which contains sulfer. The sulfer will help calm the nerves

(I had a problem with the recording and didn't get the last 5 minutes -sorry!)

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