Special for Today is for bladder/urinary tract:
Bladder Complex: Most closely matches the ideal cell resonance of a healthy bladder. No product has been built with this design before.
Allicidin: Often used together with the Bladder Complex. A gentle biofilm buster. promotes great health for urinary tract and bladder.
Hyssop: Very targeted immune support for the bladder.
All 3 of these products together usually make the ideal combo for maybe 8,  10 or 12 weeks to promote best health for urinary tract. 
Multi Pollen: 1 or 2 a day for bioflavonoids to maintain the integrity of the lining of the mucus membrane so you can sleep through the night and not be bothered with urinary urgency.

First Caller:
female, 65yrs old, 118lbs,  bile issues in the liver

To promote the best bile flow use Gall Bladder Nano. For her size, 2,  maximum 3 teaspoons in 16 ounces of water. Sip it after breakfast for 3 weeks, Then start 2 coffee enemas a week, at the same time, for 4 months. Also needs Reishi which in the long term promotes the healthiest liver and gall bladder. It is world renowned and heavily used in Japan and throughout China. 6  Reishi per meal for her body size for about 4 to 6 months. This should promote the best health for the whole liver including the bile veins. Caller had lock jaw as a child and lost a thumb due to a sliver in ther thumb, her right thumb. She will need to mud pack the hand about 4 times especially around where the thumb was amputated. Caller also has silver fillings, she will use the fluid HM Nano Detox. She needs to see if there are any other scars or traumas that are reflexing to the liver.

For healthy thyroid. The thyroid hunts for minerals and gathers iodine from the blood. It can be a repository for a lot of 'bad' minerals. When it gets enough 'junk' then a bug can get into the thyroid. Try to promote a state of health for the whole body, but she can also detox to clear anything that could harming her. Thyroid Complex would be first. Hyssop Complex for immunity. 2 each of these per each meal. Do this for 8 to  12 weeks. If it's promoting good health she may need to make some other changes. A QRA practitioner can guide her step by step.

Caller wanted to know about her eyes. She has thinning of the optic nerve. This suggests that nutriton for the nerve is poor, which in turn suggests bad digestion and in particular bad bile flow. Nerve Complex, 3 per meal, until she doesn't see any more improvement. 2 teaspoons of Lecithin per day. Lecithin is an emulsifier. take it during the highest fat meal. This will bypass the bile and get some oil into the nerves, brain and everywhere else. Caller takes fatty acids but without the bile or someting to emulsify the fats, she isn't absorbing them.

Next Caller:
female, 110lbs, 20 yrs old, her cousin wants to promote best urinary tract health

UT Formula One will promote the best health. 1 per day. Bladder Complex can be used if there has been any question of long term antibiotic use or something like that - 2 per meal. 2 Allicidin per meal and 2 Hyssop per meal. Allicidin helps break up any pockets/sugary sacs that may be there. Hyssop Complex is an immune specific support for the whole tissue.

Her husband has ringing in the ears. He is 37 and is around loud noise in a construction shop. he is about 150lbs. 2 Nerve Complexes per meal for about 3 weeks may help. When we get older, our bodies may start putting calcium in the inner ear which may produce a ringing. See if his bones are creaking and if he has chapped lips. He is on the coral, which he should keep doing, and add in the Nerve Complex. Once a week when he is in the shower, put his pinkie in his ear and see if he has golden brown wax, which he should have. If he doesn't have wax, the ringing could be from low oils -not getting enough essential fatty acids. The ear doctor says there is ear damage so Ear Complex will be the first line of support for supporting healthy nerves. Don't go into the ear too far when checking because you can damage the ear - q-tips are not recommended, just the pinkie.

Next Caller:
female, 53yrs old, 260lbs, 5' 8", menopause, best sexual function, heel spurs

Heel spurs are just a calcium deposit. She has low mineral uptake and she is decomposing her own bone to buffer her blood at night. The body can not excrete it quick enough - could have been the eye or elbow etc but the body chose the heel. To stop it, boost the digestion. She should ask the order line for info on the Kapha diet so she can find out what foods to eat so she can naturally lose weight. The answer to weight loss is the separation of carbohydrates and fats. She may have sugars with protein, she may have fats with proteins, she can not have sugars and fats together. She will then need to work on her digestion with Quantum Digest, 3 at the start of meals for her body weight. At the end of the meal, 6 HCL with Activator. Her next step will be to get minerals. Check the first morning Ph and get it into the 6.4-70 area.Use the Ph Trio with the Aloe Drink which is not as sweet. Usea 1/2 teaspong of coral and mix it with 1 ounce aloe and 1 ouce of water. Every 3 days, recheck the Ph. If it's not in the ideal zone, bump up the coral 1/2 teaspoon and every other time, increase the aloe and water. If it takes 3 teaspoons to get her Ph in the right zone then that inidcates something is sucking up the minerals, like a bad tooth. She will need a QRA practitioner to help find what's taking up the minerals. The caller wanted to know how much water to drink. Many people, because of the condition of the kidneys can't drink water well. We need to drink half of our body weight in ounces of water per day. For her, that would be about 1 gallon. She will not be able to drink that much if her kidneys can't handle the osmolarity of the water. What she will need to do is get 4 quarts of water. Out of each quart, take out 2 ounces of water and add  2 ounces of pomegranate or black cherry concentrate. This changes the waters osmolarity and you can drink the water with ease. Shake it together. You can't save it as it is food and can go bad- you drink it as soon as you make it.

For low sexual desire, use Potency Nanoplex. Take 1/2 teaspoon. It is gentle but supports all the organ and gland systems.

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