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Bone and Joint Complex, Kidney Complex and Nano Green Tea

Today's Callers:
female calling about the healthy fluid balance for the ears in an 8yr old child

Recommendation:Ears are controlled by the kidneys so she may want to give the child Kidney Complex. Essential Fatty Acids would be good as well. Make sure the child is getting air dried sea salt or pink salt.  

Next Caller:
female, 46yrs old,  wanting to get pregnant
Stay away from toxic item: tobacco, alcohol etc., may need to be celibate for a while to prevent undue pressure on child. She can check with Le Leche League to get more pregnancy/breast feeding tips. For her blood pressure, she should start on digestive aids and use a good quality salt. While she is NOT pregnant, she can use Heart Nano Detox for the heart and ciculatory system. Caller wanted to know how her 15 year old daughter, 128lbs, could reduce breast size. Dr. Marshall says SOD, superoxide dismutase, can possibly do this.

Next Caller:
female, 60yrs old, 240lbs, acid reflux

She will need to start on the digest products. Caller also has various other problems. Dr. Marshall suggests she see a QRA practitioner so they can go through each of her problems.

Next Caller:
female, 38yrs old, 140lbs, 5'9", large brown spots on the face

These type of spots are often called liver spots but they are hyper pigmentation spots.A dermatologist should look at them to know what they really are. Often correlated with dental work - silver fillings. Nano Green Tea can help this. If there was a  blow to the head/face/neck, this might have sedated healthy flow to the pituitary which could have caused this. Quantum Adaptogen can help if that is the case and if she wakes up tired. A QRA person can tell for sure what is causing the spots.

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Fluid Balance in Ears, Pregnancy, Breast Reduction, Acid Reflux and Liver Spots on the Face

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