Opening dialogue gave good info on how to chose the best supplements.  

Special for the Day:
UT Formual 1 for urinary tract health

First Caller:
Husband calling for his wife and her urinary tract health

Start by testing the morning urine Ph. Green is the ideal color. Blue is emergency alkalosis meaning it is using ammonia to buffer the urine which can encourage problems in the urinary tract. Use Ph Trio with aloe and UT Formula 1. Caller advised that there is discharge. Dr. Marshall says this is common. Her moodiness and crankiness could be a part of this but she needs to ensure she is getting enough sleep.

Caller also is a runner and has had a problem with keeping up his energy when running. Adequate salt is necessary - use air dried sea salt. If you taste the perspiration at the upper part of the arm you should taste saltiness - if not you need more good quality salt. For maranthon running, your protein needs to be right, you need to do carb loading, sleeping right etc or you will go to exhaustion.

Next Caller:
Male, 61yrs old  175lbs  dealing with harmful effects of environment 

Use Nano Green Tea. It concentrates the polyphenols: 1/2 teaspoon equals 20 cups of green tea and yet emlinates most of the fluoride. After 3 weeks you will begin to get to a saturation point 

Next Caller:
Male, 31yrs old, 220lbs. Wants healty sinuses and healthy heart rhythm

Most people can not digest lactose so stay away from that type of food. Quantum digest has enough lactase to digest 3 or  4 ounces of cheese, but if you don't use it, you will have sinus problems. More good quality salt will be needed by someone the caller's size. Salt is what produces HCL and the HCL is what digests the food so that you don't need the excess mucus which in turn will produce healthier sinuses.

Fill the sink with warm water and add 1 tablespoon of air dried sea salt - not ground up salt because they will use a cheap nickle screen to grind the salt and that will put nickel into the end product which is not good. Not wet salt either that could be growing things in it. Let this water work its way into your sinuses. The main thing to remember about sinuses is that it's connected to the liver. For healthy liver you need to be able to digest your food. All the food you eat whether you digest it or not is transported through the hepatoportal artery. When 'junk' is brought to the liver, it has to produce mucus to inhibit the amount of junk it has to deal with. The caller is African American but he cut dairy products out of his diet a couple of years ago.

When his sinus bothers him, it may be magnesium problems. The caller does not get 5 hours of sleep a night. This is probably why he is also having heart rhythm problems. Magnesium Glyconate will help until he can start getting the right amount of sleep. Once he does, he can start on Max Stress B which helps the liver and adreneline.
Caller also says his blood sugar drops after eating. Blood sugar is controlled by adrenals, pancreas and liver. The lack of sleep may be affecting the adrenals. Try to avoid anything with MSG.

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