Today's Special:
Invisi-vein. Helps with spider veins gives; integrity to veins and arteries.
CircuZyme: Supplies nutrients to the micr-circulation of the arms legs eyes testicles penis, etc 

First Caller:
Calling for her mother who is 98yrs old, 140lbs, has weakness

Healthy digestion is one of the best things you can do for a person so she needs to start slowly with HCL. Eating food that doesn't require digestion is the next step so she should have fermented foods; sauerkraut is a fermented food but for her elderly mother. she should ferment shitake mushrooms (no portobellos), chop them up fine and add 1 teaspoon vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon Miso,
(Yamabuki is the best it is plain with no flavor). Blend this all together with a tablespoon or so of water. Put it on a warming plate. After 6 hours it will be ready and no stomach HCL will be needed. This can be done with whatever vegetables she likes.
See if she will eat bananas for potassium and other minerals. Try to give her pink salt or air dried sea salt which will help her make her on HCL

Next Caller:
female 124lbs, 74yrs old, wants healthy veins 

Veins and arteries are heavy users of bioflavonoids such as diosmin and hesperidin. Our food is very low in these items. Start early in life before there are any problems using Multi-Pollen which contains 18 different pollens with the mold spore removed and delivers over 400 different bioflavonoids. Once there is a concern about veins/arteries, you need to use invisi-vein. CircuZyme contains Invisi-vein and helps Invisi-vein get into the veins. She needs Quantum Digest and HCL to begin getting her nutrients into her body. May need a QRA practitioner if she has problems using the Digest/HCL.

Next Caller:
male, 61 yrs old, 163lbs, trouble sleeping and wants healthy arteries

Caller wakes up very erly in the morning with stomach cramsp or bloating. Studies done in Germany and in the US in the 1970's using a German capsule called the Heidelberg capsule which would be swallowed gave them info on what would produce the best digestion. The study showed that when you wake up very early the most common problem was that the food was rotting and building in the blood stream, this speeds up the metabolism so that it can lower the waste products from the blood. So someone the caller's age is suffering from sub standard digestion. We are made for raw foods. We start with 30 million methyl groups, if we eat cooked foods without digestive aids everyday you lose 1800 methyl groups whereas if you eat raw food you would lose 1200 methyl groups. You lose 1/3 of your life span by eating cooked food. Caller needs to start on Quantum Digest at the beginning of the meal and at the end of meal he will take HCL with Activator. This should help his staying asleep.

For going off to sleep, he needs to care for his gall bladder meridian. Gall Bladder Nano Detox will help. Caller has had his gall bladder removed. This is a problem. What should now happen is that the bile produced should flow right into the intestine where it percipitates excess cholesterol and clears waste from the liver. Unfortunately, the bile will now often flow into the bloodstream because of the bile veins getting jammed up. This makes a person irritable, known as the 'Angry Man Syndrome' in Chinese medicine. You will only be able to absorb fats from your meals when the bile flows. Caller will need to also soften the debris that is in the bile vein and get the meridian behind the brain working. Gall Bladder Nano will help this. If you put DHLA in the drink as well, you need to sip on the drink throughout the day. DHLA is the only nano that you need to sip throughout the day because it will leave the bloodstream 40 minutes. After 3 weeks do coffee enemas.

For his vein health, he needs bioflavonoids. Invisi-vein will help