Special for the day is for hormone balance:
Estro Complex: promotes healthy hormone balance for women. Features natural source Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMS) which regulates estrogenic activity in the body. Has diindolmethane which promotes production of healthy, safe forms of estrogen while breaking down the bad forms.
Fem Balance: Helps PMS and menopausal issues which are caused by the liver not conjugating the imbalanced hormones.
Liver Complex: Most closely matches the cell resonance of a healthy liver.
Liver Nano Detox: A tincture of turmeric that has been feed to beneficial probiotic organisms to make it super bio available. Helps with minor aches and pains.

First Caller:
Female, 60 yrs old, 135lbs, question on excess weight

At her age,she needs to ensure she is digesting the food. She needs to use the Quantum Digest and HCL with activator. The caller went through menopause around 40 something. The electormagnetic field stress makes women go through menopause at younger ages. Within 10 years of menopause the progesterone drops to less than 1% whereas estrogen drops only 35 to 50% -this causes unopposed estrogen. Rejuvenation cream will give progesterone, pregnenolone and Dhea. Put it on the throat and face. With the raising of progesterone, you will raise the thyroid. She should find she holds more moisture producing better sexual function, better moisture for eyes and mucus membranes. Dr. Marshall normally recommends women in their 40's and men in their 50's start on the progesterone cream. For more sexual function help, she can try Potency NanoPlex. 1/2 teaspoon for men and women can help within a day or two. Caller was on Provera and Premarin for 7 years and didn't like it. Very few women need estrogen but those who do can go to the pharmacy and get bio identical estrogen and not have to worry about using synthetic forms.

Next Caller:
Female, 54yrs old, 125lbs, red nose with pimples on the nose and menopausal

Caller can use Fem Balance for menopause. The problem with the nose may be that the red blood cells that are near the surface of the skin are breaking the cells. To promote red blood cells not sticking together, use Max Stress B. Cod Liver Oil will make the blood 'slippery-er' and she should use about 1/2 teaspoon a day of the oil or 4 capsules at breakfast or lunch. If you get burping, eat a piece of orange with it but better absorption will come by eating protein with it like at lunch. Caller is also using Rejuvenation Cream.

Next Caller:
Female, 51yrs old, 130lbs, 5' 7", question on good memory

Caller was having a problem with a pain and numbness in head and brief memory loss. She has been using a few products already which Dr. Marshall explained as follow: Dhla regenerates important antioxidants and promotes increased production of ATP which gives more energy. Green Tea has polyphenols but can't deal with every free radical that might normally occur in the human tissue but they are very efficient with what they can do. Both of these together work very good. Max Stress B contains Coenzyme A which no other product on earth contains. All 3 work great together to promote better energy and strength when she exercises. Caller wants to know what type of doctor she should visit for the symptoms she has described. Dr. Marshall suggested an internist who would then give her a suggestion of where to go from there.

Dr. Bob Marshall Health Line Recording

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