Today's Special:
Immune Complex:Loaded with oleuropin, and excellant immune support agent. Works slow but steady.
Cat's Claw: Promotes healthy inflammatory response in the body and a great all around support for the intestine, digestive and lymphatic system.
Allicidin: The active fraction of the garlic, allicin, that has been made stable.

First Caller:
female, her daughter 42yrs old , about 275lbs old is having hair loss

She needs something that promotes healthy testosterone. A type of testosterone called DTH can harden the skin on top of the head which chokes the hair follicle. She should start eating Greens Mix which contains oat grass which is known to help the body in the production of healthy testosterone. Due to injections she has had on her scalp, she should do medi body packs to stop the interference field. She can blend the Greens Mix with something good tasting like Slim Body Whey.

Next Caller:
female, 65yrs old, 123lbs, wants healthy lungs

Dr. Marshall had asthma from the age 4 to 34. After 34 he started running and by age 42 he could run a marathan. The lung is a reflection of the health of the colon. To start with, she will need to be able to digest her food. She will need Quantum Digest and the HCL Detox Kit.  Because of this problem having gone on for so long, the bacterial ecology of the gut is all disordered so she should start on Probiotic Complex. Chew 3 and swallow 3. This will pump good bacteria back into the intestine. The good bacteria will 'retake' the intestine and she will stop dumping junk into her lungs. Next, she should work on the Ph. Each 1/10 of the Ph she moves, is a 10 fold increase in oxygen whch promotes healthy lungs.  Use the first urination after 5am.  Her body may be making ammonia which will show that her Ph is 7, in a good range, but after she starts on minerals it will  plunge her into the 5 range. Gradually she will work it back up tinto the correct range by using PhTrio. If it tkaes 3 teaspoons of coral to get her to the 6.4-7.0 range, that would indicate she is having another problem like a rotting tooth or something. Lung Complex and Allicidin can also help if there is any biofilm activity in the lung. 

Next Caller:
male, 38yrs old, 170-175lbs, red itchy skin

Get sun exposure. Avoid hydrogenated oils and trans fatty acids. Peanut butter and commercial salad dressings are some of the biggest offenders. He needs to promote healthy liver function. Wild Pollen mixed into unheated honey (40% pollen/60% honey). This preserves the pollen forever. A teaspoon a day melted in warm water until it dissolves. This promotes healthy liver function. This hsould benefit the skin.

Next Caller:
male, his has chapped lips, 4 yrs old about 40lbs

The most common reason anyone has chapped lips is because they are low in calcium, magnesium, and trace elements. Begin to give a little Ph Trio or a good dose of Greens Mix. THis will promote healthy mineral levels and healthy growth. He would mark their growth height on the door and anytime they would have a growth spurt of  1/2 or more in a 30 day period, he would check their first morning Ph. If he can keep it in the 6.4-7.0 area this will give the healthiest teeth, healthiest growth, etc.For adults, he recommends the aloe drink but it is tart for kids. He can use the aloe powder mixed into water with the coral. After he gets into the right zone he can drop back, but then when there is a growth spurt, start it again. Since kids sweat, he needs 1/2-3/4th of a teaspoon of an air dried sea salt. Taste the perspiration on the upper part of his arm near the shoulder. If it isn't salty tasting then he needs salt. Up the salt to a teaspoon when he raches 5 or 6 years old.

Caller himself has pain at an appendicts scar that he had taken out from 8 years ago. Produce the best health for the nerves in that tissue area with Nerve Complex. Medibody pack the site and also at the top of the head. Do his feet first though since the scar is below the navel. The help line can give further instructions.

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