Dr. Marshall's Monologue:
What is 21st century nutrition? In the 1900's we had isolated vitamins and minerals - we still
make them and many poeple still take them. Most of those products are completely dead; meaning
they don't come from a once living source. If it's a mineral, then that makes it very hard to
absorb and use. If it is some other nutrient, it will be missing the DNA. If you use these type
of products long term, it has been found, by quantum physicist Fritz Popp, that it will damage
your DNA.
So, 21st Century nutrition must be
 1) a once live source
 2) free of toxic tag-a-longs
 3) it must match the healhty ideal resonance of the organ or gland it is targeting.

The other half of the equation for 21st centry nutriton is that you must be able to manipulate
the all controlling plasma energy field so that you can erase the energy blockages associated
with scars and traumas. You can then unleash the greatest health for that organ or gland.

Special for the Day:
UT Formula One:
This represents a quantum breakthrough. A couple of doctors who had been working with many of the
colored fruits figured out a way to concentrate cranberry in a way that had never been done
before. Many people know that cranberry juice can help maintain healty structure and function of
the urinary tract. This new method can concentrate cranberry to 35%. In a study in Colordao using
this new prepartation they found that at the 35% level they could maintain healthy bladder and
urinary tract function for 100% of the subjects. That's 'Nutrition That Really Works!'

First Caller:
female, 43yrs old, 118lbs, heartburn and arthritis in fingers

To provide better circulation to the hands, she could use Circumzyme, 3 per meal at her body
weight. For the healthiest bladder, UT Formula One at 1 per meal can help. If this isn't enough
support, she can use Bladder Complex, Allicidin and Hyssop, 2 or 3 capsules each per meal.

However, most people will be happy with just the UTFormula 1. Caller has had an injury to nose.
she will need to be medi body packed on her hands and because she was vaccinated on the arm, she
will need to do a special 'packing' on her hand. From there, she can medi body pack the nose and
the top of her head at governor vessel 20 with 2 tablespoons of mud each, simultaneously, for 2
sets. To be able to use HCL and be clear of heartburn, she will need Stomach Complex as a tea, 2
capsules worth before meals. At the start of meals, she will take 1 quantum digest. At the end of
meal will be the HCL detox kit, 2 HCL and 1 activator.

Next Caller:
female, 54yrs old, 140lbs, wants healthy musculature and connective tissue

In a small study of subjects with a similar issue, 100%  of the people were helped by the
elimination of MSG. Caller says she tries to eat well with lots of raw food and no MSG. In the
study they also found low salt to be a problem. She should be getting 1 teaspoon of air dried sea
salt or  pink salt a day. Caller's digestion is not good. She should take 2 Quantum Digest at the
start of each main meal, whether she's eating raw food or not. At the end of the meal, 4 HCL and
2 activator which is a bit more than would usually be called for but should do wonders for her

 If this has been going on all her life, she may need to start working with some good
bacteria. She could try to find Kefir at a Russian deli. She can use whole or low fat milk, both
test really good. This is a food for good bacteria and can be helpful in resetting the gut
ecology. An even stronger solution is Quantum Probiotic Complex which is the actual bacteria
itself, live source not freeze dried. She could chew 3 at breakfast and swallow 3. Many people say
they can tell the difference when they do this. This may accelerate the ability to shift the
bacterial ecology and start sending good stuff to the muscles. Caller has ordered the Gall
Bladder Nano Detox which is a good idea. Doing the coffee enemas will help as well.

Next Caller:
male, 49yrs old, 138lbs, joint pains

Bones and joints often bring to mind digestion and minerals. Dr. Marshall wanted to know if
caller felt bloated or had intestinal gas at the end of meals. Caller did not have any symptoms
like that so we would move on to the minerals. Dr. Marshall wants him to start on the Ph Trio to
target his minerals. He should check his morning urine Ph and try to get it to the 6.4-7.0 range.
Once he gets his Ph in the right range, he will not have chapped lips anymore and his bones will
feel strong. Every 3 days he will need to up the amount of coral until he gets it into the proper
range. If it ends up taking 2 to 3 teaspoons to get to the proper range, that indicates he is
having some other problem and may need QRA to find it.

Caller is also having swelling on the ankle. This is usually pertaining to the kidney. He could
take 2 Kidney Complexes per meal. He needs to determine why this is happening - is he drinking
enought water, is there a bug in the kidneys? He should see the QRA practitioner to find out what
is going on.

Next Caller:
female, 54yrs old, 118lbs, menopausal, losing hair at the temple first but now all over her head

Dr. Marshall wanted to know if caller is sleeping well. Caller is taking the Digest but she still
is not sleeping well. She can go off to sleep easily but she wakes up at 2am or 4am for no
reason. Dr. Marshall says this is because of digestion problems. Caller would need only 1 digest
at her weight at the start of meals unless she eats meat in which case she can take 2. The HCL
Detox will be a key player for her. She takes it already, 1 activator and 2 betaine. However, At
one time about 20 years ago, she had her stomach removed because of an ulcer. She will now need
to take 2 activator and 4 betaine .It is possible that because of the stomach surgery, she could
have problems taking the increased dosages of HCL.She would then need to take Stomach Complex for
a while until she can mud pack the trauma site after which she could stop the Stomach Complex.

The caller says she was recently tested and was shown to be low in Vitamin C, Selenium, Oleic Acid
 and Lipoic Acid. To get the vitamin C, Dr. Marshall recommends some fresh fruit like oranges,
tangerines, papaya or something like that for breakfast. She can use Vitamin C Complex, but Dr.
Marshall prefers real food when you can get it. For Selenium, he like Brazil nuts. What
Dr. Marshall does in the morning is:
takes 3 or 4 pieces of fruit, grinds up some nuts like, brazil nuts, pecans, hazel nuts,
sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds, 1 tablespoon each, soaks them in pomegranate concentrate so
it tastes like a candy bar, and he eats this with fruits. This gives him the Selenium and the
good fats without having to eat any oils.

For lipoic Acid, you need the fully reduced form, dihydrolipoic acid (DHLA). You can make a
coctail of the 'Nanos',  made with  DHLA and Max Stress B. For her size, she would start with 1/2
teaspoon of the Max Stress B and after 3 days or so go to 1 teaspoon. With the DHLA she would
start with 1 teaspoon. Now she will have the antioxidants they say she is low in. She will need
to really work on the digestion which is probably why she is low in so much.

Hair loss in the front is usually a male pattern, meaning she is making the bad type called
Dihydrotestosterone(DHT). If she makes the ground up nuts mixture she could throw in some Greens
Mix, 1 tablespoon. That should help with the front of the hair. To help the hair in back or the
whole head, then that requires targeting the adrenals. Vitamin C and Max Stress B help the
adrenals. To make sure she is getting enought C, she could take Vitamin C Complex, 2 at breakfast
and 2 at dinner. The overall hair loss should stop because you are promoting increased adrenal

The problems with waking at night is not just about the 'waking up'. If you wake up and do NOT
lift your head up above your chest, you will still make adrenalin. If you DO lift you head above
your chest, you will stop making adrenilin and you will need 5 straight hours of sleep to get
back to the point where you are going to make  10-30 % of adrenilin. You can sleep with a pillow
but don't put your head above your body when you wake up. The increase of adrenaline should help
the hair all over the head. The hair loss on the front of her head is DHT which the greens mix
will help.

Caller wanted to know if she should take Adrenal Complex. Dr. Marshall says she can if
she is feeling very distressed but most of the times the Vitamin C and Max Stress B can do the
job. If these don't help, then she should look for a scar/trauma that is sedating the adrenals
like an episiotomy or low back injury - some type of injury on the back.  Caller has had 4
children with an episiotomy which is probably what's sedating the adrenals. She can call the help
line for instructions on how to medi body pack this scar.    

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