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Specials for the day are for sleep support:
Nano Detox: If you are a woman that weighs under 150lbs, you should take 2 teaspoons a day; from 150-175lbs, 3 teasponons a day; 175lbs to 200lbs would be 4 teaspoons. Take these mixed in  16-24 ounces of water for about 4 months. After about 2 to 3 weeks you should start coffee enemas. This will give you radiant hair and skin and really mellow you out. 
Melatonin Nano: protection for the EMF burdens we all face, a great reset for our Circadian rhythms when we travel and have erratic hours. A great anti-aging product. Women need this in particular -5 to 10 drops a day. You start with 1 or 2 drops a day and increase the drops every 3 or 4 days, Men need 1 to 3 drops maximum. This is the worlds only probiotic generated, live source melatonin. Synthetic melatonin is expensive and has the potential of damaging your DNA. 
Tranquility Complex: promotes the best REM sleep; If you wake up in the morning and are still tired, this may mean that you didn't achieve productive REM sleep so this product will help.  

QRA Practice Grand Openings
Austin, Tx, Premiere Center and Spa opening on the 19th of January, 2009.Dr. Jeanine Brisley and Dr. Harry Moore are on staff.
Chicago area, January 24th, 2009 Pure Rain Lifestyle is opening with a QRA and Nutritional Assessment workshop 708-524-1598 H.R. Payne(sp) is the practitioner working that day.

Next Caller:
Male, 45yrs old, 170lbs has concerns about acid reflux

Our problems are not a lack of ant-acids in our systems. We eat cooked foods when we are actually engineered for raw food  We force the body to make hydrochloric acid.
Somwhere between or 30's to 50's we start to get acid indigestion or acid reflux and we think we are making to much acid. Not so. The food is rotting and forming lactic acid and it burns and hurts just like HCL but it is NOT hcl. THe food starts rotting from the stomach to the anus and soon we have a toxic liver.

We begin to get irritable, not sleeping as well, begin to gain weight at our stomach and we begin to be unable to make b vitamins because we have disorderd the bacterial ecology of the gut. he solution is simple. You can either switch to raw food which has all the enzymes to digest itself. American raw food is so filthy that you may get food poisoned though. The other option is to get digestive support aids such as Quantum Digest. This has all the pancreatic enzymes you need such as amalase, protease, lypase, lactase, pepsin, etc.
You can take a couple of these at the start of a meal. At the end of the meal you will take the HCL Detox kit, which is the most important item to take if you are on a tight budget. He will need to take 4 HCL and 2 activator at the end of the meal. For about 80-90% of the people this is all they will need to do. This will need to be taken forever if we are eating cooked food. However, you will get stronger and can start eating raw food at some of your meals and won't need to take any kind of a digestive aid. Some people, maybe 10-15% have had a serious blow or injury from the forehead, including the nose, all the way to the pubic bone. a broken clavicl a broken chin a scar on the chin.

Any of these type of injuries can sedate the normal energy flow to the stomach. When this hapens and you try to take the HCL you feel worse. If this happens you get something called Stomach Complex. You take 2 of them and throw them in a cup fill the cup with boiling water and let them steep for about 10 minutes.  Drink this before the meal. This will make the stomach meridian test strong, the energy flow is good and you can take the HCL Detox at the end of the meal and feel great.  Having to take the Stomach Complex tells us that there is a scar or trauma that needs to be erased. You will need to do a MediBody Pack. The order line can talk you through this process or find a QRA practitioner to handle it. 

Next Caller:
Male, injured wrist with a knot on it

The body will produce swelling because it can't clear the injured cells quickly enough. This injury was from October. The swelling may still be from the injury. He sould medibody Pack the hand and then Medibody Pack the wrist. This should release a healthy energy flow. The caller believes he has silver fillings in his teeth so he should use HM Nano Detox as the fluid for the MediBody Pack. If the caller thinks he injurs himself too easily he will need to check his Ph. The caller already does this and his Ph is slightly above 7 which is not good. This means he his ammonia which means he is extremely low in minerals. He needs to increase his intake of Ph Trio which will make is Ph drop down low and them come back to the 6.4-7.0 zone.

Next Caller:
Calling about her daughter's dandruff and a clicking the daughter has in the back of the throat, 28 yrs old.

Not sure what the clicking is. The dandruff means that you have too much sugar going out to the scalp and skin. This could means she is eating too much refined white sugar, not digesting her food well which is making the food rot, or she is hyperglycemic. Blood sugar problems DO run in this family so she should be medically checked to see if this is the problem. The first thing she should do is stop all white sugar and white flour. If she wants someting sweet she should eat fruit. The next thing to do is eat more complex carbohydrates like baked potatoes, sweet potates and other good starches like buckwheat, whole grain rice (not white rice)- items that aren't cooked to death. See if this will lessen the heavy dandruff. If it doesn't, the blood sugar may not be ideal. If she needs to strenghten the pancreas, she will need to see a QRA practitioner.     

Healthline Jan. 14 2009