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Browsing Archive: October, 2008

Healthline Oct. 28, 2008

Posted by S. Ellison on Tuesday, October 28, 2008, In : Healthline Recordings 
...missed a couple of minutes from the very beginning...

Today's Special:
Hormone balance products- Fem PMS, Fem Balance, Quantum Adrenal Complex, Multi Pollen 25% off

First Caller: 
Male, 6ft, problems falling asleep, gets up to pee. Also wanted to know if not Medi Body packing areas could cause problems.   

Gall Bladder Nano, coffee enema, get more bioflavinoids by taking Multi Pollen; if need more help use Bladder Complex. Immune compounds are affected when you don't get your full 5...
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Healthline 10/27/08

Posted by S.Ellison on Monday, October 27, 2008, In : Healthline Recordings 
Monday, Oct. 27, 08

Todays Special is for Brain Health..lots of good info on what it takes for a healthy brain.
Quantum DHA, Blue Green Algae, Brain Complex 

First Caller:
Question about baby formulas and a mom who can't produce milk

prepare the mom to make the best breast milk. Nutritional yeast can make great breast milk. Use a wet nurse if can't breastfeed or if adopting. You can also get shots to stimulate pituitary for production of breast milk. Contact La Leche for more help.
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Healthline recording for Saturday, Oct. 25, 08

Posted by S.Ellison on Monday, October 27, 2008, In : Healthline Recordings 
MIssed just a little bit of the beginnining...

Part 1 of Healthline recording from 10/25/08
Part 2 of Healthline recording from 10/25/08
Part 3 of Healthline recording from 10/25/08
Part 4 of Healthline recording from 10/25/08
Part 5 of Healthline recording from 10/25/08
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Healthline recording from 10/23/08

Posted by S.Ellison on Saturday, October 25, 2008, In : Healthline Recordings 
Todays Special

Part 1 of the audio recording for Healthline  
Part 2 of the audio recording for Healthline
Part 3 of the audio recording for Healthline
Part 4 of the audio recording for Healthline
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Healthline from 10/24/08

Posted by S.Ellison on Friday, October 24, 2008, In : Healthline Recordings 
Today's Special
For Genital/Urinary Tract health: Quantum RX Prostate Complex, Testosterone Complex, Multi-Pollen. Buy 1 get 2nd at 50% off (25% off each)

First Caller:
53 yr old male, 215lbs, wants better urinary health and better kidneys/liver

Prostate Complex, Multi-Pollen. Possible low back or tail bone injury could produce kidney problems. recommended seeing a QRA and Kidney complex. For the liver, do a 16 week program of Gall Bladder Nano and 2 coffee enemas a week after the n...
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Recording of Healthline from 10/22/08

Posted by S. Ellison on Friday, October 24, 2008, In : Healthline Recordings 

Todays Healthline Live Special:
For digestive immune support,  Quantum RX Digest, Protease,  25% each

First caller:
Red patches on her husband's skin, 36yrs old, construction worker/remodeler

Taste his forearm to see if he 'tastes' salty -if not, use an airdried seasalt. see if he sleeps soundly, see how well he digests. Use Quantum RX Digest, HCL, Activator   
Next Caller:
wants the best digestion possible, 47yr old female. no gas, no burping

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Healthline from 10/21/08

Posted by S.Ellison on Tuesday, October 21, 2008,

I didn't get today's show from the very beginning but only about 20 minutes worth.

Today's special was Bladder Complex, Allicidin,and Hyssop Complex at 25% off for each

The first caller I caught dealt with these concerns: 
Ph, uterus, estrogen

The products recommended were:
aloe, coral, kIdney complex, estro complex, aloe

next caller:
question on nutrional help for osteoperosis.

discussion on:
parathyroid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin d, Fritz Popp...

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