Special for the day:
Ph Trio: Fastest way to get the first morning urine Ph in the 6.4-7.0 range. This contains the Sango Marine Coral which is the most ionized, most asorbable form of minerals with 2 parts calcium, 1 part magnesium. The best seller in all of Japan. You can get the coral with an Aloe Powder or Aloe Drink. Also contains Cod Liver Oil 
Cod Liver Oil: USP Grade, nothing added, good source of Vitamin D, both vegetable capsules and liquid. 400 I.U. in each capsule
Coral Calcium Complex: Can switch to this once your Ph is right. Contains provitamin D from mushrooms, doesn't contain the actual vitamin D

First Caller:
Male, 47yrs old, 5'10", 255lbs, headaches in the morning

May be having headaches from not digesting his food. The caller sometimes eats late. Dr. Marshall says he needs to have a regular eating and sleeping time. For his weight he will need 3 quantum digest at start of meal and 6 HCL with 3 activator at end of meal. This may cut his weight down and better power to concentrate, better memory etc.

General remarks:
Can you take too much hydrochloric acid? Dr. Marshall says he doubts it. If there is a problem it is probably from a sedation of the biofield. Stomach Complex will help if you have problems with the digestive enzymes/HCL

Next Caller:
Female, 190lbs, 63yrs old, 5'7", best nutrional support during chemotherapy

Caller already uses the digestive products. Using the Super Nutrient Trio which has the Coral, Greens Mix and EFA oil Blend would be the next step. If minerals are very low, she should use the PhTrio. Some people use baking soda at night to get good Ph but this defeats the testing of the Ph. Every 3 days check the first morning Ph. The body can't make minerals so it is a critical foundational element for great health. Having small amounts of DHLA, Nano Green Tea CoQquinol and Max Stress B would be a great 'nano cocktail' to start on. Doing medi body packs will help as well for getting normal energy flow

Next Caller:
Female, dental tartar on the teeth

Low hydrochloric acid is often the problem. Caller is already using the digestive products so that should solve the problem. Caller's friend was cleaning the wax in his ear and now has swelling. Dr. Marshall recommends he see a doctor to make sure nothing was damaged. If nothing was damaged he should see a QRA practitoner to see if there is something wrong with the upper teeth.

Next Caller:
Male, 59yrs old, bump on tongue

The caller says his medical doctor wants to biopsy the bump but since he is a low risk candidate (doesn't smoke, chew, drink etc) he will give him time to think it over. It is starting to detach however. He should see a QRA practitoner to determine what's going on.

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