In Dr. Marshall's monologue, he made statements regarding the risks of GMO(Genetically Modified) foods and the erasing of the traumas that affect the biofield.

Today's Special:
Nucleotides: Called the 'Onset" in Europe because it is one of the favorite items to use for the winter. It takes 6 billion nucelotides to make one cell. Any injury in the body always calls for more nucelotides than what the body can immediatly produce. This is produced from yeast and made very bioavailable. It is concentraed 50 to 100 fold. Promotes healthier immune respones, increased energy, more efficient production of skin cells, supports normal T-cell manufacturing. 
Colostrum: Bovine colostrum, not defatted. Low temperature, air dried, 21 percent minimum immunoglobulins, available as capsule, powder or cream.
Bladder Complex: Most closely match the cell resonance of this organ
Kidney Complex: Also most closely matches the cell resonance of the kidney.
Allicidin:The active fraction of the garlic, allicin, made stable. Helps regulate biofilms which can be a problem in mucus membranes
Hyssop: Promotes the best urinary tract health
UT Formula One:Helps urinary tract
Inflammacidin:Hels with immune remodulation, pain relief, and helps muscle and joints. Pro biotic generated
Noni: For healthy intestines

First Caller:
female, her husband 53yrs old, 195lbs, is donating a kidney to her brother

About 10 days before and 60 days after the surgery, she should ensure her husband is using Nucleotides and Colostrum -The colostrum should be blened because it tends to clump together. Also put him on the Quantum Digest and Super Nutrient Trio. She will need to mud pack her husband's appendectomy scar and the scar that is produced from the kidney surgery. Since he does have the appendectomy scar, it is probably reflexing to the heart so taking Heart Nano Detox will be good. 

Next Caller:
female, 60 yrs old, 260lbs, wants healthy cartilage particularly in knees

In Chinese medicine the knees are linked to the kidneys. Promoting kidney health will be helpful. For healthy bones and cartilage you need good kidney function and good parathyroid function. She should take 3 kidney complex per meal and 2 teaspoons of Nano Green Tea. Ph Trio is coral, the best form of mineral available, and should be mixed in a one ounce glass with aloe. She will need to get her Ph in the 6.4-7.0 zone. U.S. crop is very minerally deficient. To get the Vitamin A level of 1 peach grown in 1950, you would need to eat 53 peaches. Next she will need to use Bone and Joint Complex.
A QRA practitioner will be able to test her to see if this is all she will need. 

Varicose veins show that the integrity of the vein and artery are not ideal. In Spain it has been shown that you can promote the best integrity by taking certain bioflavinoids that Dr. Marshall's Invisi-Veins and Circuzyme contain. These nutrients will help get the blood to the peripherial (surface) areas of the body. Digesting her food will be important at her age. When you can't digest your food well, it will store the food in the large intestine as fat. She will need to stop eating close to bedtime. The body begins to store extra fat when we are doing things that are against it. Getting a regular eating habit of small meals at specific times will help.

Next Caller:
female, 53 yrs old, 145lbs, 5'6", wants healthy thyroid

Studies show that when progesterone drops, usually within 10 years of menopause, it also causes a drop in thyroid.
The thyroid is a trapper of iodine so if iodine is low that can be a problem. If the body has been exposed to weird chemicals, xenoestrogens, or heavy metals, this can prevent the thyroid from doing it's job. Xenoestrogens can come from pesticided foods.The most heavily sprayed crops are commercial grapes, raisins and wines. Italian wine would probably be best. Organic growers often use tap water to water their plants which can produce inferior crops. She may be able to find a QRA person in her city who can do a 1 second toxicity test so she tell which foods make her strong. Caller thinks the thyroid issue comes from childhood problems. Dr. Marshall says it may be a childhood injury that has caused an interference field.

Caller wants to know how important the coral minerals are. Dr. Marshall says that before he manufactured the coral, he used to be a large proponent of carrot/celery juice for getting minerals. Greens Mix is a way to get minerals that is gentle on the kidneys. 1 tablespoon of Greens Mix would equal 1 teaspoon of the Coral. Checking the Ph will help.

Slim Body Whey makes the caller constipated. Dr. Marshall confirmed that she needs to drink enough water as well as salt. The 5 things you need to make the bowels move are more critical when the thyroid isn't doing everything it's supposed to do. The 5 things are: water, salt, oil, probiotic and bulk. Constipation in the summer months means you need more salt as well.

Next Caller:
female, 48yrs old, 200lbs, wants healthy bones and joints and good hair/skin

The biggest thing that Dr. Marshall has seen to give better hair and skin is gall bladder flushes. She should use Gall Bladder Nano and after 3 weeks start on 2 coffee enemas a week. For healthy bones and joints, you need adequate minerals which our foods aren't supplying. We also aren't able to get the few minerals that food supplies because of lack of hydrochloric acid. She should use the Ph Trio with the Aloe drink. Cod Liver Oil is a part of this package and it gives Vitamin D. 1/2 teaspoon delivers 400 I.U. of Vitamin D. Some callers have tried to use baking soda to get the Ph in the proper range but this is not a good idea. If she starts out in the correct range, it may be that her body is using ammonia to get the Ph right, which isn't good. As she increases her coral intake she has to get the ph back to 6.4-7.0. While she is working with the Ph Trio, she can start Bone and Joint Complex which promotes healthy anti inflammatory response in the joints and great osteoperosis support.

Caller wants to know about blood pressure. Blood Pressure Complex can help but her problem probably links to digestion and minerals. The QRA practitioner can check this.

General Remarks: All products are packaged in Violight, in accord with the Franz Hoffer Institute, which blocks the light (450-720 nanometers) that could damage the the products. This is the only supplement company that does this.Small amounts of live source nutrition outstrips large amounts of any synthetic viamins. Live Source Nutrition has no rivals when compared with synthetic nutrition. If you have to stop the nutrients, you will hold on to your improvements when you use live source. These products have been engineered according to the great advances made by Fritz Albert Popp and others in quantum physics.

Next Caller:
Daughter has spots on fingernails

White spots on the fingernails are often correlated to low zinc which can happen during a sickness. Certain chemicals can cause spotting as well. To rule out nutrition deficiency, have her eat 2 handfuls a day of unroasted sunflower seeds. Do this for 6 weeks. If zinc deficiency was the cause, the nails should grow out without spots. Unleavened breads can also create a zinc deficiency state.

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